how do kia and volkswagen motability cars differ

If you are looking for a worry free car lease package for disabled people Kia is an option you should consider. As such, Kia Motability cars provide for a higher rate Motability payment and personal independent payment. You can get a new car every three years. You don’t have to be able to drive as you can nominate up to two drivers. The following are some of the things you get, which are not part of the Volkswagen Motability cars program.

· Servicing and maintenance

· Tyre replacement

· Annual tax on the car

· Replacement of the windscreen

· Other adaptations at no extra cost at all

· A mileage allowance of 60,000 over the 3-year lease

If at the end of the period you have a 12-month award left on your allowance, you could win yourself a brand new Kia. This option is not available when it comes to Volkswagen Motability cars. For Kia, all you have to do is exchange all or part of your high Motability allowance. It’s so simple that you don’t require to go through credit checks.

To buy Kia Motability cars, all you need are the following:

· Your Driving License and that of the other named drivers.

· A valid certificate of entitlement.

· Proof of address, which could be a recent utility bill.

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